ProtiDiet - Banana & Nut Cake

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Irresistible Banana and Nuts Flavor: Treat yourself to the delectable taste of ripe bananas and rich nuts, expertly blended to create a satisfying mug cake experience.

7 Servings Per Box: With seven individual servings per box, our Banana and Nuts Mug Cake Mix offers a convenient solution for on-the-go cravings or quick and easy dessert options.

Nutrient-Rich: Each serving packs a punch with 15g of protein, making it an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts or those aiming to maintain a well-balanced diet.

Moderate Caloric Content: At just 140 calories per serving, our mug cake mix allows guilt-free indulgence without compromising your dietary goals.

Balanced Fat Content: With 6g of fat per serving, the ProtiDiet Banana and Nuts Mug Cake Mix strikes a perfect balance, enhancing flavor and satisfaction without excess.

Quick and Easy Preparation: Experience the convenience of preparing a delicious mug cake in minutes. Simply add water, microwave, and relish the warm, comforting goodness.

Whether you're in the mood for a tasty snack, a post-workout protein boost, or a satisfying guilt-free dessert, ProtiDiet's Banana and Nuts Mug Cake Mix is your ultimate solution. Elevate your culinary journey with this delightful blend of flavors, making every moment a treat for your taste buds and your overall well-being.

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